Teaching Grammar. Online Methodology Course

Course summary:

Deliver efficient and enjoyable grammar lessons using activities that make grammar easier to understand. Present grammar confidently, and anticipate typical problems to maximise learner success.

This course is ideal if:

  • You deliver grammar lessons or sessions within your lessons.
  • Your learners find grammar challenging or confusing.
  • You want to make grammar more enjoyable to teach and learn.

This course is about teaching grammar, not learning it. If you don’t feel very confident about your own grammar, try Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness.

You should already have:

  • B2 level English or higher.
  • Basic lesson planning skills.
  • Learners that you are currently teaching.*

This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience.
* Recommended but not essential.


Knowing the rules of grammar allows learners to express themselves clearly and creatively. This course details the most common approaches to teaching grammar as well as the principles behind each approach, their pros and cons and when to use them. It also includes specific information on how to teach particular grammar points, like linking the past to the present, passives or conditionals. Most of all, you’ll see how grammar lessons can be fun and motivating as well as useful for your learners. 

By taking this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to teach grammar more confidently.
  • Activities that help learners to understand and use grammar effectively.
  • Common problems learners have with specific grammar points.
  • Practical ideas to deliver successful and enjoyable grammar lessons
  • How to reflect on this and its implications for your teaching.

Duration: 20 hours. 

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