Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation. Online Methodology Course

Course summary:

Discover new ways to present, practise and assess vocabulary and pronunciation to help your learners use language communicatively, including how to teach sounds, stress and intonation. 

This course is ideal if:

  • You include sessions that focus on vocabulary or pronunciation within your lessons.
  • Your learners are finding pronunciation difficult.
  • You want to help your learners increase their vocabulary.   


You should already have:

  • B2 level English or higher.
  • Learners that you are currently teaching.*

This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience.

* Recommended but not essential


Words really are the driving force of language. They’re the most important building blocks in how we express what we want to say. Pronunciation is how we say it, and this is important too: using an inappropriate stress or intonation pattern can make a speaker difficult to understand, appear uninterested or even rude! This course will help you understand what it means to know a word, and equip you with the key terms, techniques and methods for teaching learners to use words effectively in both writing and speech.

By taking this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to teach vocabulary and pronunciation skills more confidently.
  • New ideas you can experiment with for presenting, practising and consolidating vocabulary, sounds, stress and intonation.
  • Techniques for assessing vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • How to reflect on this and its implications for your teaching.

Duration: 20 hours. 

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