Appearance rules the world

Looking for an engaging game for your learners to describe people’s appearance? This exciting guessing game requires no preparation and it is relevant to any age and any level.

✅ 1. Ask your learners to write their names on pieces of paper.
✅ 2. Give the papers with names to other students.
Tell them that this is secret information and they should not let others know the name on the paper they received.

✅ 3. Ask them to describe the person whose name is on the paper. They should do it without staring at this person. Suggest using It instead of He / She.
✅ 4. After the signal, the learners in turns read out their descriptions and the class guesses the described person.

✅ 5. Give the description to the person who is described. He / she has to re-write it using 1st singular now. (eg. I’m tall and slim.), correcting any inaccuracies (eg. I’m a green-eyed girl grey-eyed).
✅ 6. Ask the learners to calculate the ratio of true information to inaccuracies. Identify the most attentive learners with the best memory.

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