Be in My Shoes

This engaging activity is highly personalized and so loved by learners.

How to:


Before the lesson make a set of cards with the target grammar (e.g. Conditionals)

If I were a famous celebrity, I’d be ….If I could have any animal as a pet,I’d be very angry
If I could learn a new skill, it’d be…If I were alone on a tropical island,I’d become a superhero
If I could have any job, I’d be a ..If I won a lottery,I’d be really happy
If I were friends with the president, I’d ..If I could speak English perfectly,I’d get rich very quickly

2. Demonstration

Take a card and read out the beginning of the sentence: e.g. If I could speak any foreign language, it’d be _____.
Invite learners to write possible answers, “Be in my shoes. What language would I speak?”
Write your own answer (e.g. Spanish).
Let learners read aloud their ideas, in turns. Say and show yours, explaining your choice (e.g. It’s the third most used language on the Internet, so I’d find more information.) Those who guessed – get a point.

3. Playing in groups

Divide the class in groups of 4. Give each group a set of cards. The learners play in turns.
The first learner takes the card, reads aloud the beginning of the sentence and writes their own answer. The groupmates do the same, trying to predict it. The learner with the card reads their answer after listening to the group’s ideas and explains the choice. And the game goes on.

4. Reflection

Ask the learners about the score in their groups. And also let them share the most unexpected ideas they found out about their classmates.

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