Grammar Tennis

Play this exciting game to revise irregular verbs forms.

Stage 1: Team sets

  1. The class is divided in two teams (A & B)
  2. Two learners, one from each team, come to the front of the class and stand facing each other.
  3. The teacher acts as an umpire. The game starts when the teacher says an irregular verb in the base form (e.g. go).
  4. Player A should say the past form of this verb (e.g. went)
  5. Player B then gives the past participle form of the verb (e.g. gone)
  6. In the next game, the players swap the roles. Player B gives the past form of the verb whereas Player A – the past participle.

When a player makes a mistake or is too slow to respond, the rival can say this form instead and get a point.

The set finishes when a player gets three points. The players’ scores are written on the board and new players are invited to the front and so on. The team with the most points wins.

Stage 2: One-to-one sets

Now learners play in groups of three: two players and an umpire.
Umpires start a game by saying the base form of the verb.
Players in turn give the other two.
Umpires check the correctness of the forms, looking at the table of irregular verbs.

The game finishes with the score of three points. The winner becomes an umpire. And the game goes on.

More ideas:

This game can also be played with adjectives: comparatives and superlatives as well as countries – nationalities –  languages.

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