Webinar “What are the secrets of 21st century learning?”

What are the secrets of 21st century learning?

This training looks at the conditions necessary for learners to realize their creative potential and explores the ways to promote collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking in the ELT classroom no matter what context you work in.

In the first part of the talk, we will explore the importance of developing 21st century skills in the classroom. We will then focus on creating conditions which build success and confidence and engage students in thinking creatively.

Finally, we will look at and practice the activities that are aimed to develop creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. 

Trainer Nataliia Golodnyuk

Over 12 years dedicated to helping children, adults and teachers to reach their full potential in teaching and learning English.

Her experience includes:

  • teaching students of all ages and levels,
  • teacher training (IPPO, projects of British Council & Ministry of Education and Science)
  • tutoring STS course
  • writing articles on CPD
  • 2018 – Global Teacher Prize Ukraine
  • 2019 – Fulbright TEA  program.

Дата і час: 31 березня, 15.00-16.00
Ціна: 220 грн

E-mail – training@linguist.ua, телефон +38 (067) 548-45-43

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