Course. Teaching Adults: How to

Get a full step by step guide on working with one to ones and corporate clients: from initial interview to the time to say goodbye.

Part 1. Adult clients from A to Z

You will find out:

  • How much do you need to know about business to teach Business English?
  • How to define needs of your client?
  • How to choose the right course book to meet the needs of your client: business, general or professional series?
  • Why course book tasks don’t work without adaptation: examples and analysis
  • What is a true individual approach or how to create a personalized course design?
  •  5 mistakes to avoid while teaching adults
  • 3 ways to keep up the motivation of your adult learners
  • 10 ways to get most out of authentic materials

Part 2. Professional skills and how to teach them

You will find out:

  • What are the professional skills?
  • What is task-based approach and how to apply it?
  • How to find the right balance between skills training and language input?
  • 10 activities to turn boring meeting role plays into active discussions
  • 5 ideas to make functional language stick
  • 6 steps guide to teach any professional skills
  • 8 zero preparation ideas to train professional skills

Part 3. Speaking skills for adults

You will find out:

  • What types of speaking skills are important at work?
  • How to help adults overcome intermediate plateau in speaking?
  • Accuracy or fluency, what’s the golden middle for adult learners?
  • 5 blockages that prevent adults from speaking and how to deal with them
  • 10 zero preparation activities to create an engaging lesson with lots of speaking
  • Games in teaching adults where fun outweighs the outcome
  • 5 games that can really bring value
  • 6 ways to use authentic materials to provoke speaking practice

Part 4. Troubleshooting while teaching adults

You will find out:

  • How does classroom management look  in corporate environment?
  • How to work with mixed abilities groups?
  • How to bring the best value if the time of the course is limited?
  • Where home tasks don’t work anymore?
  • How to track progress and see the big picture?
  • How to organise Course close-up?
  • 5 things to clarify before you start teaching corporate clients
  • 3 ways to keep up the motivation of your adult learners
  • 4 trouble cases from real teaching experience and how they were solved

Trainer Єрмак Катерина

Вже більше 10 років Катерина викладає бізнес та професійну англійську у найбільших міжнародних компаніях України. Окрім магістра перекладу та сертифікації CELTA, отримала спеціалізований сертифікат з викладання бізнес англійської. Катерина регулярно бере участь у місцевих та міжнародних конференціях.

Date: 3.11, 10.11, 17.11, 24.11
Time: 16:30-18:00
Price: 850 UAH
1.5 hours (1 part) – 275 UAH

E-mail –,, телефон +38 (067) 548-45-43

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