Apps for Teaching and Learning. Online Methodology Course

Course summary:

This course is based on the units on apps from our larger course, Teaching with Technology 2. Learn practical ways to use apps in your language teaching. Understand the advantages and challenges of different apps and devices, so you can choose the right digital tools for you and your learners. 

This course is ideal if:

  • You want to take advantage of apps in your classroom.
  • You want to build your confidence with using these modern technologies.
  • You’re looking for new ideas to enhance your lessons.

To explore this and related topics in more depth, see the full course, a Teaching with Technology: Apps and Social.

You should already have:

  •    B2 level English or higher.                       

 This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience.


Get up to speed with mobile technology and apps. To learn how these powerful tools can be used to enhance education. This short course is designed for teachers with any level of experience with technology, beginning with an explanation of what apps are and how they are used. It progresses to practical examples that it then encourages you to try in class, and includes step-by-step guidance on how this works. This will give you the confidence to use these tools and to do so effectively to really benefit your class.

By taking this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use iPhones, Android phones and other smartphones and tablets  effectively for education.
  • The important theories and trends in digital hardware.
  • How to download and use apps for teaching and learning.
  • How to organise and synchronise online resources.
  • How to prepare communicative lessons that involve mobile devices

Duration: 5 hours. 

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