12 жовтня вебінар ‘Novelties of Use of English for ZNO 2020’

Teaching teenagers and exam preparation.

  • 5 key changes in ZNO Use of English exam part;
  • how to prepare B1 and B2 students for Use of English exam part;
  • what to focus on each task on;
  • useful advice on how to reduce the number of mistakes in the Use of English exam part;
  • methods of completion of these tricky task;
  • how to develop students’ ability to predict possible answers;

Not only our students are lost while ZNO preparation, but so we are teachers. Let’s overcome our fears and bring confidence into the exam preparation.

When: October 12 (10:30-12:00)
Speaker: Nataliia Zachynska
Price: 220 UAH

estions? e-mail: training@linguist.ua, tel: +38 (067) 548-45-43

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