Throw your question!

Do you find drills boring? Let’s make them interactive and fun!

The activity “Throw your question” is perfect for practicing asking and answering questions with the learned language point (grammar or vocabulary).

Learners are in a circle. Throw the ball to the first learner, asking “Where were you last summer, Ann?” Ann should catch the ball and answer the question appropriately (in the countryside/ on the beach/ at home, etc.) Then she throws the ball to the next student, asking the same question. If a student says a grammatically incorrect question or answer, they are out of the game.

You can make the game more challenging, inviting learners to ask similar questions. “Have you got a red felt-tip pen?” to practice the structure “Have you got” and school objects; “Can you ride a bike?”  for “can” and action verbs, or “Would you like some jam?” for food.

Learners never know who will be next, so it is a good way to develop their listening as well as speaking skills.

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