Splat the word

Teaching reading words must be engaging and fun!

This is a great game to give your children the necessary repetition to achieve mastery in reading words while keeping them engaged.

 You need fly swatters and the Sight Words Cards that the children will “splat.”

How to play?

  1. Place the word cards on a table.
  2. Ask learners to stay around the table with a fly swatter in their hands.
  3. Call out one word at a time. The children compete to be the first to find the word among the cards on the table and “splat” the word with their fly swatter while repeating the word.  

For children that are just starting with sight words, begin with five cards. As the children get more advanced, you can add more words, and words that are deliberately chosen to be similar so that they are harder to distinguish.


  1. Rhyming Words
    Teacher calls not the words on the cards, but the rhyming ones. Learners should “splat” (eg. ‘right’ instead of ‘night’)

2. Compound Fly Swat
Instead of calling out just one word at a time, teacher calls out two and even three words. The child has to “splat” each of the fly cards in the order they were called. This helps the student develop memory and recall as well as building speed in recognizing the words.

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