Relay Race 4×30. “Gain 4 Superpowers for teaching Kids”

Everyone knows that teachers possess an arsenal of superpowers that are, quite frankly, startling. These are something that we ‘just have’ or ‘just should have’ because we are ‘just teachers’. Ready to carry out an audit of your superpowers? And even gain more tools in your arsenal?

Join our Relay Race 4×30 “Gain 4 Superpowers for teaching Kids”

Four super-trainers will demonstrate their superpowers in engaging kids! Save the date: 23.04 4 pm.


16.00-16.30 “The power of stories” by Svitlana Drobotenko
16.30-17.00 “The power of moves” by Olga Syvenko
17.00-17.30 “The power of chants” by Alla Olemianenko
17.30-18.00 “The power of visuals” by Alina Promska

“The power of stories”

Stories have been used to hand down knowledge for thousands of years. A good story engages our imagination, emotions and curiosity. But how to make the language of stories memorable and the process involving?
12 tips and 12 techniques will turn you into a powerful storyteller.
Gain the power of stories from Svitlana Drobotenko

“The power of moves”

Have you ever had the experience of looking around a classroom of students with their heads down on the desk, doodling, passing notes, talking to neighbours, yawning, staring out the window, propping their heads up on a fist?

Gain the power of move with handy ideas for your lessons from the teacher-energizer, Olga Syvenko!

“The power of chants”

Guess the riddle:
What’s a low-resource and highly adaptable activity that are great for young learners and perfect for primary classes? Definitely, it’s chants!
Once your students get the hang of a chant or two, you’ll see them actually enjoy them.
Learn 6 new chants and ideas how to teach them.
Gain the power of chants from the chant-author, Alla Omelianenko!

“The power of visuals”

What’s the most powerful tool in grabbing kids’ attention? Visuals! They evoke emotions and help children engage with the content.
Ideas of exploiting 6 types of visuals and 12 magic tasks will make your lessons light and bright!

Gain the power of visuals from Alina Promska!

Svitlana Drobotenko

  • ELF Teacher (CELTA)
  • Teacher trainer
  • Lecturer

Olga Syvenko

  • certified teacher (CELTA, TYLEC),
  • school owner
  • organiser of English camps for kids

Alla Omelianenko

  • EFL senior teacher
  • NUSch teacher trainer
  • author of more than 33 chants for kids.

Alina Promska

  • Teacher (CELTA, DELTA, TYLEC)
  • Teacher trainer
  • Global IELTS tutor in Ukraine

Price: 345 UAH

500 грн – “the two together”

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