It is an amazing game to review the Appearance vocabulary.


  • All students get a piece of paper and pencils
  • Nominate one student to be the “witness”
  • Provide the “witness” with the photo of a famous person.


The “witness” describes the photo with as many details as possible. At lower levels the phrases might be “He’s short. He’s got red hair.” Advanced learners could describe what someone is wearing or what their personality and mannerisms are like.
The class, working individually, draws photo robots of this person. When they’ve been given enough detail, they can try and guess who they’ve drawn. The “witness” then reveals who they were thinking of, and everyone can show their drawings to the rest of the class to see how well they did.
This last step often produces huge laughter, since most of the drawings will be hilarious caricatures of the real person.

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