This lively activity for revision vocabulary usually bursts a ton of fun!


The class is divided into Teams: A and B.

Each team is secretly assigned with a topic (e.g. transport, food, school objects, etc.)

Set up the time of 3 minutes for each team to collectively draw up a list of 10 words related to the given topic and write them on separate pieces of paper.

Stage 1:

The teacher announces the topics.

Groups have 2 minutes to write as many words of the opponents’ topic as they can.

After the signal, the learners put away their pens / pencils and the battle starts.

Stage 2:

First, Team A reads out loud their list, trying to guess Team B’s words on the cards. Once they guess the word, they receive the card with it.

Then, it is time for Team B to guess Team A’s words.

Who is the winner? Who has received more cards with words?

Stage 3: (optional)

The learners have 5 minutes to make up a story with the words on the cards they have got now (their own as well as the gained ones).

Then, the teams present their stories.


To add more energy to the game – students do not write the words of the opposite team, but call them out during one minute. The purpose is the same: to get the cards by guessing the words written on them.

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