Opposites Attract!

How do you develop meta-cognitive skills of your learners? And how to involve learners in formative assessment?

“Opposites Attract” – the technique to kill the two birds with one stone.

The procedure

1.       Learners are asked to select one of the options to a multiple-choice question, using software, or just by asking
students to raise their hands. The responses are counted and presented to the class.

2.       Learners are asked to pair up with another student, or to form small groups with classmates who have chosen different
answers. The learners spend several minutes discussing how they came up with their solution.

3.       The teacher once more asks learners to answer the same multiple-choice question, allowing them to change their
answer based on the feedback they gave and received from their peers. The new responses are counted and presented to the class.

4.       The teacher says the correct answer, and invites students to share their strategies or spends additional time on the
material if many learners select the incorrect answer.

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