Odd one out!

This fun listening game can be used to review vocabulary.

If there is enough space in your classroom, ask your learners to play there. If not, let them stand near their desks.

Explain to them that you will say words from the same word family (eg. pen, pencil, pencil-sharpener). If they hear the word that is not from this family (eg. potato), they should sit down. Ask one of the learners to say the odd word and explain why they think it is odd.

Out of the game:

  • the last person to sit down;
  • those who sit down on the wrong word

It is a good idea to play an example round with the students before the game begins.


Learners may do some actions while listening (jumping, turning around). This makes the game even more engaging.

Learners can be sitting while playing the game. Once they hear the odd word, they should signal (raise their hand/ pencil / card/ toy)

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