Listening Chairs

Do your learners find listening activities stressful? Time to add some fun!

The game is similar to musical chairs. Organize the chairs into a circle. There should be one less chair than there are students in the class.

Prepare the listening text with comprehension questions.  

Explain the rules to the class:

  • before the activity starts, the learners read the list of the questions
  • they stand around the circle of chairs
  • the teacher displays the first question and starts the recording
  • the learners should walk around the chairs listening to the conversation
  • once the learners hear the answer to this question, they should take the seats.

 At this point, pause the audio. If it is just one student who sits down, ask them for the answer to the question. If it is a few students who sit down, ask them to whisper the answer to you individually. If a student’s answer is correct, they remain seated. If not, they leave the game but continue listening and writing their answers on the paper.

Next, ask another question that can be answered in the next part of the audio conversation. The students who have remained standing start walking around the chairs again until they hear the answer to the next question on the audio.

If no one heard the answer, play this part of the recording again.

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