Language Football!

Do your learners like playing competitive games at lessons? An empty question, isn’t it?

The game “Language Football” will have tremendous success among your learners of any age as the situation on the field changes with every correct answer.


Have a set of questions/ statements with mistakes to review the language.

Draw a playing field on the board or a large piece of paper. Use a magnet or a token for a “ball”.

Stage 1.

Present the game for the whole class.
Learners are divided in two teams. The “ball” is placed at the centre.

Students in turns answer your questions. Every correct answer approaches the “ball” to the posts in order to score a goal. When a team scores, the ball moves back to the center, and the team that did not score last time – starts.

Stage 2.

Learners work in small groups of 4-6. Teacher can either read the questions or demonstrate them on the screen. Ask learners after each question to explain the right answer to make the game more educative.


Learners play in pairs while each of them has the list of questions with answers. It will make the activity completely learner-centred.

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