I’m unique

Science has now proved that humans can’t help talking about themselves. It just feels too good. Agree? And our learners are not an exception. Let your students experience a moment of glory with the activity “I’m unique”.

I’m unique

1. Learners have to find out something that is true only of themselves in the class, e.g. an ability only they have (“can”) and turn this into a question.

 2. They go round asking the same question (e.g. “Can you put up a tent?”) until they have asked everyone.

3. If at any time they find out that it is also true of someone else, they should quickly think of another thing and start again.

4. In a circle they ‘boast’ about what makes them unique.

This activity is not only an excellent practice of asking questions but also such language:

  • the verb ‘like’ with gerund + hobbies/ leisure time (e.g. Do you like playing rugby?)
  • modal verb ‘can’ + action verbs (e.g. Can you run for an hour without stopping?)
  • structure ‘have got” + appearance / family members (e.g. Have you got 5 cousins?)
  • Present Perfect tense (e.g. Have you jumped with a parachute?)
  • Past Simple + last weekend (e.g. Did you watch a horror film last weekend?)
  • superlative adjectives (e.g. What’s your shortest sleep?) J

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