How to teach IELTS. Online Methodology Course

Course summary:

Gain a thorough understanding of IELTS and help your learners approach the exam with confidence.

Use practical strategies and activities to fully prepare your learners for exam success.

 This course is ideal if:

  • You are, or will be, preparing learners for the IELTS test.
  • You want to help your learners get better results by improving your

This course is about preparing others for IELTS, not taking it yourself.

You should already have

  • B2 level English or higher.
  • Basic lesson planning skills.
  • Basic understanding of the IELTS test.
  • Learners that you are currently teaching.*

This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience.

* Recommended but not essential.


Written by the same organisation that’s involved in writing and assessing the IELTS test, this course explains how to teach all four papers: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening (including Academic and General Training options, and all sections). The course first explores what it means to be good at these skills, before explaining how they are assessed, the types of tasks learners can expect, and strategies for each of those tasks. Finally you’ll learn how to apply this knowledge to the classroom with practical teaching ideas that give learners confidence and help them perform at their best.

By taking this course, you’ll learn

  • What you need to do to fully prepare learners for their exam.
  • How the exam works and is assessed.
  • Practical strategies and activities to help learners achieve results.
  • How to deal with common problems learners have while preparing.
  • How to reflect on this and its implications for your teaching.

Duration: 20 hours. 

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