Grammar for Kids? Why not?

Did you love grammar being a young learner? Do your kids adore grammar? How to help them use language without those boring endless drills? Is it possible?

 Bad news: simply sitting kids down and explaining rules is not an option because they possess certain characteristics that make their learning different from that of adults.

Good news: in an EFL classroom, kids are in a setting where they are surrounded by language. And our task is to make this language memorable.

Come and try with us!

You will learn:

  • 12 strategies how kids learn languages;
  • 3 stages in teaching words
  • 4 ways of presenting vocabulary;
  • 6 activities for practicing new words; – 6 games for consolidating vocabulary

At our 3-hour session you will find out how to:

  •  provide exposure to the language (grammar and vocabulary) through chants, songs and games;          
  • teach with songs, a step-by-step approach
  •  use games meaningfully for win-win outcomes.

Всі учасники отримають сертифікат

Дата і час – 19 жовтня 2019 року, 10.00 – 13.00

Вартість 290 грн.

Адреса – Київ, вул. Нижній вал 17/8, 3 поверх, Тренінговий центр «Лінгвіст»

Тренер Світлана Дроботенко

E-mail –, телефон +38 (067) 548-45-43

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