Feel Wheel

Do you like being asked about your mood? Would you like people know how you feel and treat you properly?

The activity Feel Wheel is a wonderful opportunity to make your learners speak, review Feeling vocabulary as well as to teach emotional literacy.


  • Print or Draw a Feel Wheel. Use the adjectives your learners know or learning.
  • Prepare personalized pegs, with your learners’ names.


Take one peg (with your name) and say: Today I feel excited as I’ve won a lottery. And I’m having lots of plans on how to spend the money.

Then pin this peg onto the proper segment of the wheel (Excited).

Ask the questions: How do you feel today? And why?

Invite one of the learners to talk about their feeling. Once they give a reason, ask to tag the mentioned word on the Feel Wheel with their peg.  Repeat the procedure with other students.


Invite the class to have a look at the Feel Wheel and complete the phrases:

Most of us feel ___ .
A third of us feel ___ .
Some of us are ___ .

You can go on providing some ideas how to deal with our negative emotions.

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