Що таке ‘Exit Ticket’?

exit ticket

Would you like to know whether your lesson is a success? Check your learners’ “lesson takeaway” with the activity “Exit Ticket”.

Option 1

Before students leave the classroom, they have to hand you a “ticket” filled out with an answer to a question or a response to what they’ve learned. Exit Tickets help you assess if students have “caught what you taught” and plan for the next lesson.

Option 2

Have students line up at the end of class while you stand at the door. As they reach the door, students must share an idea or concept they learned with you. Each student must whisper their answers to you. If you teach large classes, let them leave the class in pairs / triads. Make sure everyone says the words.


Exit tickets can be used not only to check whether learners remember new words but also as feedback (e.g. What was the most interesting/ challenging / exciting part of the lesson? )

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