Dialogue Whispers

Are you sick and tired of the game Chinese Whispers? It’s up the time to update it!

Let’s practise mini-dialogues today!

Stage 1.

Divide the class into the teams of 5-6 learners. Ask them to sit in a row facing the board.

The students at the last desk of each row get written dialogues. And those at the front desk get a marker to write on the board.

Stage 2.

After your signal, the students at the back start whispering the first sentence of their dialogues to the next learner and so on down the line. When the sentence reaches the learner at the front, that student writes it on the board. If the sentence is incorrect, it is whispered down the line again.

Stage 3.

It is up to the learner at the back to decide when to whisper the next sentence: one after another or to wait until the sentence on the board is correct. The game continues until one team has written the whole dialogue on the board correct. This team wins the game.


  1. Allocate 5-8 minutes before the game for the teams to invent their winning strategies.
  2. After the game, ask the teams to share their strategies and together discuss the successful stages in each as well as no so effective.

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