Crack the password!

Do you have eyes for activities to revisit vocabulary? Something insightful and gripping? With the activity “Crack the password” your students will not only review the learnt words, but also keep old words fresh in their minds.

Stage 1.

Have a list of words (from this lesson / unit). Choose one of them (eg. ‘leaves’). Give up to 5 hints: green, tree, yellow, fall…  Learners should guess the word – ‘password’.  Have several rounds to help learners grasp the idea.

Stage 2.

Make learners to play this game in pairs or small groups. Playing in turns they count the number of cracked passwords. Name the winner at the end of the game!


Use the flashcards / cards with words to reward those who guess the word. This will bring the double benefit. First, while playing in small groups, students will also practice spelling as they have to write ‘password’ on pieces of paper. Second, the process of identifying the winner will go faster – just to count the cards with guessed words.


  • Only English!
  • No hand gestures!
  • Time limit! (e.g. One minute to ‘crack’)

Use this activity at the end of the lesson, unit or before the test. And be sure to keep things moving along quickly so that it doesn’t get too boring.

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